Welcome to Tianshou!

Tianshou (天授) is a reinforcement learning platform based on pure PyTorch. Unlike existing reinforcement learning libraries, which are mainly based on TensorFlow, have many nested classes, unfriendly API, or slow-speed, Tianshou provides a fast-speed framework and pythonic API for building the deep reinforcement learning agent. The supported interface algorithms include:

Tianshou supports parallel workers for all algorithms as well. All of these algorithms are reformatted as replay-buffer based algorithms.


Tianshou is currently hosted on PyPI. You can simply install Tianshou with the following command:

pip3 install tianshou -U

You can also install with the newest version through GitHub:

pip3 install git+https://github.com/thu-ml/tianshou.git@master

After installation, open your python console and type

import tianshou as ts

If no error occurs, you have successfully installed Tianshou.

Tianshou is still under development, you can also check out the documents in stable version through tianshou.readthedocs.io/en/stable/.

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